By Mark Gehan and Willie Wight

Athanaric’s Wall is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in an area of the world called the Schild Basin. The area is home to a variety of races most predominantly elves and humans. The basin itself is a heavily forested area bordered by mountain ranges to the north and the south and vast body of water to the west. Various streams run down from the mountains through the forest and meet and form into a lake that empties into the Isar River and then flows out to the great sea. The area is very old with long forgotten ruins of civilizations that have been taken by the forest or covered under glaciers in the mountains. The people are very influenced by nature and have a great respect for it. Many people study druidic magic and/or worship the gods of nature, wilderness, and travel. They are also very superstitious and suspicious of each other and love to spread rumors. The towns governments are run by a group of nobles who are constantly playing underhanded games of politics, corruption, and espionage in order to find advantages to gain power in the basin.

This campaign begins in Anfangdorf, a small town in the wilderness, where a grand mage has just died under mysterious circumstances. The adventurers meet at the funeral and the journey takes them from there.

Athanaric's Wall